Paul Strohmeier

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I have special interest in the meaning of the human body.
It is the body which acts upon the physical world, it is the body which the physical world acts upon.
I believe that understanding the role our body plays in constructing both our image of the world around us
as well as our image of ourselves is key to understanding phenomena such as intelligence or consciousness
and is essential in developing technologies and practices which extend beyond the individual body.

I am an enthusiastic sceptic in regards to technology.
The role of technology in our society is a strong interest of mine, however,
rather than observing interactions with established technology
I am interested in creating technological scenarios different from those we usually engage with.
By doing so I hope to point out alternatives to current design practices.
Especially considering the increasing ubiquity of digital technologies in our society,
I believe it is important to take the time to reconsider what values we wish our technologies to embody.